The Somnambulist

London, 1901.

Once invaluable to the police and beloved by the general public the detective and conjuror Edward Moon no longer commands the respect that he did. Still, every night he returns to the stage of his theatre to amaze his dwindling audience, aided by his partner and only friend, he who is known as "the Somnambulist"-a silent, hairless, hulking giant who, when stabbed, does not bleed. But these are strange times and when the bizarre death of a disreputable actor compels a baffled constabulary to turn once more to Moon for help a chain of events is set in motion which place not only the magician's sanity but the future of the Empire itself at the gravest risk.


"Strange, outrageous and wonderful… Original and monumentally inventive…"

Washington Post

"One of the finest first novels of the young century."

Austin Chronicle

"Magical, dark, beautifully odd - and utterly compelling - this is an astonishing debut."

Michael Marshall


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The Domino Men

London, the present day.

Henry Lamb is an ordinary, unremarkable man in an ordinary, unremarkable job. The only spark of interest in his life is his apparently unrequited love for his landlady. Until, that is, his grandfather falls gravely ill and Henry has to assume the old man's responsibilities - to discover the truth about the shadowy organisation known as "the Directorate", about the monstrous force Leviathan and, worst of all, about the evil that sits in the cellar of Number Ten, Downing Street: the killers known only as The Domino Men.


"A wonderfully original concoction of grotesque humour and sparkling prose…"


"Another remarkable outing, an infectious blend of wit, wonder and the bizarre."

San Antonio Express-News

"Kudos to Barnes for another winner that is as funny as it is creepy, as thought-provoking as it is entertaining."

Colorado Springs Independent


The Domino Men can be purchased here.

The American edition here.

The German edition here.






 Flamboyant Matthew Cannonbridge was touched by genius, the most influential mind of the 19th century, a novelist, playwright, the poet of his generation. The only problem is, he should never have existed...


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